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Creation | Processing | Distribution


If you do not like your own answers to the following questions, you should take your time for the following – we have news that will impress you!

  • Do you maintain your vehicle database yourself?
  • Is your vehicle database complete, without gaps and error free?
  • How much time does the article data preparation cost you?
  • Do all your customers actually take over 100% of your assortment or do you have any influence after submitting your data?
  • How much time does the article data preparation cost you?
  • Do you suffer losses due to improperly updated or up-to-date supplier prices?

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Extensive, constantly growing model list with currently more than 60,000 motorcycles, choppers, scooters, ATVs…

Quick and easy processing and distribution of article data at the push of a button

Predefined product groups with all relevant attributes in a standardized data format

User-friendly input mask with smart and easy-to-use functions


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