What we do

We offer the entire motorcycle industry a platform that enables all market participants to fulfill the information and data technology requirements that are relevant and neccessary for successful trading. For this, we have built the GDS Portal and created an IT infrastructure that allows everyone to concentrate fully on their core competencies and reduces the effort required for data creation, data management and data distribution to a minimum.
With us it´s differentl. Vision, innovation and strategic thinking – heard this to many times? Nothing but buzzwords? Not with us. Promise. Try us.

Data preparation

  • Modell list with well over 60.000 vehicles
  • 500 predefined product groups
  • 2000 relevant attributes
  • input tool for product creation

For data processing, we offer an extensive, constantly growing model list with well over 60,000 vehicles as well as predefined product groups with all relevant attributes in the standardized GDS data format.
For the creation and maintenance of the product data, there is a clear and easy-to-use import function in addition to a clear input mask. This makes it possible to quickly and easily upload extensive product lists to the portal to provide them to data users

Data provision & distribution

Easy administration and activation of data users
Individual export lists with selected product groups for different customers / data users
Provide and control price lists with individual discounts directly through the portal

Create customized export lists with selected product groups for your respective customers / data users.

Easily manage your data distribution through the portal by enabling individual data users at the push of a button.

You can also assign price lists and discounts directly to your customers through the portal.


Data hub

  • Single plattform for all market participants
  • Minimal effort for data preparation and distribution via a GDS portal
  • Elimination of any potential errors during data transfer

Provide your product data through an innovative and easy-to-use system and save time and money on managing and distributing your customers.
Ensure error-free and complete implementation of your assortments by giving your customers the option of transferring data into their ERP systems at the push of a button